Why Does My Wife Yell at Me? 8 Possible Reasons

In every relationship, it is inevitable that, at one time or another, you will see the wife yelling at her husband. It is absolutely normal, but it becomes worrisome when it becomes consistent. Most men tend to wonder, “why does my wife yell at me.”

However, extreme types of yelling like shouting, screaming, or abusive words are not good in a healthy relationship. It is dysfunctional for your wife to subject you to any form of emotional stress for anything whatsoever.

Since yelling is evitable, the best thing to do anything your wife yells at you is to find out why she is doing so and address it urgently.

Here, we will be looking at the eight reasons why your wife yells at you.

8 Reasons Why Your Wife Yells at You

When she feels exhausted and overwhelmed

Your wife tends to get exhausted and overwhelmed when she feels she is not getting the optimum support she needs from you. For instance, she may yell at you when you don’t help her in the house with the chores. She returns from work and tends to do all the chores by herself when you sit down and play games. In this situation, yelling becomes one of her best options for expressing her emotions and getting you to respond to her needs.

When she is unhappy in the relationship

If your wife yells at you consistently, it may be a warning sign that she is unhappy and wants a way out of the marriage. Rather than have a decent conversation, she may resort to always yelling at the slightest thing. This, however, is unhealthy as it can lead to the buildup of resentment and anger towards each other in the marriage.

When she feels you don’t listen to her

Most wives tend to vent on their husbands when they feel you don’t listen to them. Women love to be listened to whenever they talk, but when you don’t, it gets them angry. Especially when she is talking, and you are doing something else, making her presence unnoticed. Some women may walk out, while some may voice out.

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When she is short-tempered

When your wife is short-tempered, and she can’t control her emotions, she may tend to yell at you at the slightest mistake. If you notice that your wife doesn’t have control over her emotions, you may need to take her to her therapist or behaviorist psychologist.

When she is on her monthly period

Generally, women tend to have a change in hormones when they are on their monthly flow, and most times, they get more aggressive. If your wife only yells at you at a particular time of the month. You should know that it is her flow causing it, not her doing. All you have to do is be soft and tolerant when she is on her period.

When she doesn’t respect you

Yelling can be a warning sign that your wife doesn’t respect you. If your wife is very dominant and aggressive, she may end up yelling at you everything you don’t do what she says. In this case, she needs professional help to balance her dominance and aggression.

Past emotional abuse

If your wife suffers major emotional abuse at one time in her life, there are high chances that she will become aggressive and yell at you all the time. This is not to say that she doesn’t love you. It shows that she is scared and does not feel safe, so she builds a defensive mechanism around her that fuels her aggression.

When she has low self-esteem

It is natural that when a woman has low self-esteem, she lacks self-confidence and may create trouble in the relationship. There are many reasons why she may have low self-esteem. It may be because she feels she isn’t pretty like other ladies, doesn’t have a good body shape, or struggling in her career. Most times, she tends to express her emotions through yelling and screaming.

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What To Do If Your Wife Yells at You

A saying states, “two wrongs cannot make a right.” It is absolutely wrong and unhealthy to respond by yelling at your wife when she yells at you. You can act toward her to calm down the tension and maintain peace in the home. Let’s look at few of them.

Stay Calm

The best thing to do when your wife yells at you is to stay calm. Yelling back at her will only escalate the issue, leading to a more severe marital problem. Don’t engage in the conversation, just stay calm and figure out what may be the cause before your respond.

Give a listening ear to what she says

Please take your time and listen to your wife. Allow her to express all the interlocked emotions. This helps you to know what is bothering her and gives you an idea of what is wrong. This enables you to think and respond better.

Accept responsibility for your actions

An immediate acceptance of your actions is one of the best ways to resolve an impending marital conflict. If she yells at you because you did something wrong or aren’t doing something right, you have to apologize for your actions and promise her that you will change.

Gently walk away

If your wife refuses to calm down, the best thing is to walk away quietly. Don’t aggressively close the door on her. It will fuel her aggression. Just leave quietly and come back to her when she is quiet.

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Don’t always agree with what your wife says

It becomes a problem when you agree to everything your wife says. In the same light, don’t accept all the blame she pushed at you just to let her stay calm. This is not to say that you should be defensive. But avoid being the prey at all times.


Yelling is never an option in a relationship. It is an unhealthy way of communication that can stir up anger, resentment, and hatred in a marriage. In addition, it strains your emotional and physical health. As a wife, always opt for more peaceful conversations such as dialogue to let out all your concerns or express your feelings. Yelling does more harm than good. It is never an option.

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