Why Does My Poop Smell Like Metal?

Sometimes, your poop tends to smell bad. This is normal. It only becomes worrisome when it becomes consistent. Most times, people are ashamed to talk about their poop. Poop isn’t a bad thing. It is a normal process, so I will be talking about it today.

So, does your poop smell like metal, and you are worried about it and want to know why it smells like this? If yes, do check out this article.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Metal?

If you feed on iron-heavy foods a lot, there is a tendency for your poop to smell like metal, including your fart. It can also indicate that you have much Sulphur producing bacteria in your gut.

Many things can cause your poop to smell like metal. Some of the causes include:


The diet you feed on plays a huge role in making your poop smells awful. However, the major diet cause of metallic poop is the paleo diet. Studies have shown that individuals on the Paleo diet tend to have their poop smell like metal. The Paleo diet is a diet that is based on consuming high levels of healthy fats and lowering your intake of carbohydrates. This diet increases the ketone bodies in your body. This Ketone bodies make your poop, including your fart, smell metallic.


Medications like diet pills or supplements contribute to your poop smelling like metal. Due to the color dyes and preservatives contained in most vitamin pills, your poop smell might change when you begin to consume them. Garlic and Vitamin B supplements are also contributing factors to this. Also, prescribed antibiotics such as Metronidazole can produce side effects, including your poop smelling like metal.

Infections or Medical conditions

Internal bleeding from your intestine can allow some blood to be passed out with your stool, making the stool look darker than usual. Apart from darkening your poop, it changes and produces a metallic smell when you poop. Colorectal cancer is one of the most worrisome causes of your poop smelling like metal. To diagnose this, you will have to undergo occult blood test testing to check for traces of blood in your stool.

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If this becomes consistent, you will have to visit a doctor to determine the cause. During this process, you must observe the allergies and symptoms you experience before or after popping. This will help in the diagnosis of the actual problem.

Is it Okay for You To Smell Metallic?

Metallic smells on your body are not always a thing of concern. It can be caused when you always handle metal. Also, when your burn protein during exercise or workout, your body tends to sweat, and the sweat may smell metallic.

A worrisome cause, maybe if you have sinuses. When you do, your blood tends to smell metallic, which will be reflected in your body as a whole.

However, if you always smell metallic, this can be a symptom of an underlying health issue. As such, you need to consult the doctor immediately.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Metal During Pregnancy?

It is normal during pregnancy that your body smells, including that of your poop, change. Nothing smells like normal when you are pregnant. During pregnancy, there is a higher chance that your taste buds, including your virginal discharge and poop smell. During pregnancy, your body and hormones undergo a series of changes, so you shouldn’t be overly worried about these changes.

During pregnancy, if your poop smells like metal. It might be a sign that you are very sensitive or a sign of intolerance. When you are pregnant, your senses become more sensitive. Your poop may not smell that bad, but due to your sensitivity, you may think it smells bizarre, which in the normal sense, it isn’t so.

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What Does My Poop Smell Like Chemicals?

One of the major reasons why your poop might smell like a chemical might be because of malabsorption. Malabsorption is the condition that occurs when your body system isn’t capable of extracting adequate nutrients from the food you consume.

Often, this happens if you are suffering from an infection or disease which limits your intestines from extracting the needed nutrients from the food you eat. Compared to your poop smelling like metal or Sulphur, this is quite dangerous, and you should consult a doctor immediately.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Sulfur?

If you eat food containing large components of sulfur, there is a high tendency that your poop might smell like Sulphur. Examples of foods containing a lot of sulfur include meats, garlic, and dairy products. Vegetables are not left out. Vegetable such as Kale, cabbage, and broccoli have a lot of sulfur and contributes to your poop smelling like Sulphur.

Eggs, especially boiled eggs, are notorious for making your poop, including your fart, smell like sulfur. When you feed on food like these, it is essential you don’t sleep immediately as they make your gut work harder than normal to digest them, and they tend to make you fart more (awful smelling fart) and poop more.

This is important you know that the smell of your poop is not always the indication of your health status but the product of what you have to feed your body.

Does the Smell of Your Poop Say Anything About Your Health?

The colon contains bacteria that help break down the body’s food particlesre also responsible for the smell of poop.

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So this means that whenever you notice that the smell of your poop has changed, do examine the diet you are taking. If you change your diet to a completely new one, there are all tendencies that the smell of your poop will change until your body system gets used to the new diet.

However, if your poop smell changes and you notice some form of pain, allergies, or usual discomfort, it might indicate an underlying disease. In this case, you will have a doctor to determine the cause.


Your poop smelling isn’t always a thing of concern. It only becomes a concern if you notice blood in your stool or if the passage of the poop is associated with any form of pain and discomfort. Remember that your diet greatly determines the smell of your poop.

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