Why Does My Music Stop Playing When I Open Facebook?

It can be incredibly frustrating when you’re enjoying your favorite music, only for it to abruptly stop as soon as you open the Facebook app on your device. This issue is commonly experienced by many users, and there are several potential reasons behind this interruption. In this article, we will explore ten possible causes as to why your music may stop playing when you open Facebook, and offer some insights into how you can mitigate this problem.

Why Does My Music Stop Playing When I Open Facebook?

1. Facebook’s Auto-Play Videos

One of the primary culprits for your music stopping is Facebook’s auto-play feature for videos. As soon as you open the Facebook app, videos in your news feed may start playing automatically, interrupting your music playback. This sudden playback can lead to your music being paused or muted to make way for the video’s audio.

2. Resource Consumption

Facebook is a resource-intensive app that requires a significant amount of your device’s processing power and memory. When you open Facebook, it may consume a substantial portion of your device’s resources, causing your music player to pause temporarily to allocate resources to the app. This can result in a momentary interruption in your music playback.

3. Background App Refresh

Facebook’s background app refresh feature is designed to keep the app up to date by periodically fetching new content. However, this background activity can interfere with your music playback, causing it to pause momentarily. When Facebook refreshes in the background, it may take priority over your music app and temporarily halt its playback.

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4. Notification Sounds

Facebook notifications, such as message alerts or friend requests, can trigger notification sounds that temporarily interrupt your music. These sounds can cause your music player to pause until the notification sound completes. While this interruption is relatively brief, it can still be disruptive to your listening experience.

5. Incompatibility with Music Apps

Some music apps may not work seamlessly with Facebook, resulting in conflicts that cause your music playback to stop. This incompatibility can occur due to various factors, including outdated app versions, conflicting app permissions, or compatibility issues between the music app and Facebook’s interface. Ensuring that you have the latest versions of both Facebook and your music app can help minimize compatibility issues.

6. Data Usage Restrictions

If you have set data usage restrictions on your device or within the Facebook app itself, it may prioritize data allocation for Facebook and pause other data-intensive activities, such as music streaming. Check your data settings to ensure that music streaming is not restricted. If you have limited data or have set a data limit, Facebook may pause your music playback to conserve data usage.

7. Device Performance Limitations

Older devices or those with limited processing power may struggle to handle multiple resource-intensive apps simultaneously. Opening Facebook, which consumes significant resources, might force your device to pause music playback to accommodate the app’s demands. If your device is older or less powerful, it may not have sufficient resources to keep both Facebook and your music app running smoothly at the same time.

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8. Background Services and Permissions

Facebook requires various background services and permissions to function properly. These services and permissions can occasionally interfere with your music playback, causing it to stop momentarily. Adjusting the app permissions or restricting background services may help alleviate this issue. However, be cautious when modifying app permissions, as it may impact certain Facebook features or functionalities.

9. Network Connectivity Issues

If you experience intermittent network connectivity issues while using the Facebook app, it can impact your music playback. Inadequate network speeds or dropouts can cause disruptions, resulting in your music stopping momentarily. Facebook relies on a stable internet connection to load and display content, and any disruptions in connectivity can affect the overall performance of the app, including your music playback.

10. Bugs and Glitches

Lastly, software bugs or glitches within the Facebook app itself can cause unexpected behavior, including interrupting your music playback. Like any complex software, Facebook may occasionally encounter bugs that affect its functionality. Keeping your Facebook app updated with the latest version can help mitigate known bugs and improve overall stability.


While it can be incredibly frustrating when your music stops playing as soon as you open the Facebook app, understanding the various reasons behind this issue can help you troubleshoot and find appropriate solutions. By being aware of factors such as auto-play videos, resource consumption, background app refresh, and network connectivity, you can take steps to minimize interruptions and enjoy uninterrupted music playback while using Facebook. It’s important to keep both your Facebook app and music app up to date, optimize your device’s resources, and ensure a stable network connection to enhance your overall experience.

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