Why Does My Cat Lick My Eye

Cats are no different from people in that they each have unique ways of showing their affection. In contrast to others, some people have stranger and more incomprehensible habits. Cats lick the region around your eyes to confirm that you are their owner. Cats can communicate with you by licking your eye to show that they are familiar with you and your scent. Given that cats can spread infections to individuals, you should discourage this.

As a cat owner, you’ve probably had the thrill of having to wake up to your eyelids being licked by your furry baby’s sandpaper tongue. Cats enjoy licking so much that some kittens and cats purr loudly whenever you allow them to lick your face. Cats and kittens lick to express affection. However, here are eight plausible explanations for your cat licking your eyelids.

8 Explanations on Why Does Your cat Lick Your Eye.

Cleaning and Grooming

Some cats enjoy being clean more than others. This explains why your cat may have spent considerable time licking itself while lounging in the sun. Cats see us as larger, hairless, and stranger forms of cats or kittens (funny, right). So, they might be grooming and cleaning you by licking your eyelashes.

This is not unusual, as cats, particularly elder cats, are known to clean and groom kittens. So, your cat licking your eyelashes could be their way of expressing their intention to see you clean. 

Looking for Attention

Licking their owner is a strategy cats use to gain their owner’s attention. When a cat licks you, the rough surface of its tongue is visible and difficult to ignore.

Cats are intelligent creatures who interact with humans via licking and meowing.

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Your cat may approach and lick your eye because of the salty scent of tears. Cats are attracted to strong fragrances, so if she finds you sad or sobbing, she may approach your face to inspect and sniff your eyes.

It’s frequently due to tears, and even if they’re unnoticeable, these tears still include salt. Wash the area more regularly to make it less attractive and provide a piece of salt lick, which can be purchased at practically any feed store, to satiate your kitten’s craving for salt to get it to stop.

Obsessive Licking

Some cats simply cannot stop themselves from licking compulsively. It could be related to your cat’s underlying apprehension or a long-standing compulsive tendency.

If this is the case, you should be able to pinpoint the source of stress in your cat’s life, causing them to lick obsessively.

They are imitating their mothers

If a cat’s mother hisses frequently and is continually on the attack, the kitten is very likely to follow. The same is true for kittens whose mothers are clingy and loving and spend a lot of time combing, cleaning, and licking them.

So, your cat’s behavior may reveal a lot about how it was raised around its mother and other cats and kittens.

As a kind of protection

Cats are predisposed to eye infections from birth, so licking and keeping the eyes clean is critical.

It comes almost instinctively to them. As a result, your cat may be licking your eyelids out of protective impulses.

Copying You

Regularly wiping your cat’s face and eyes—which you should do—also tends to increase the chance of your cat imitating you and returning the favor.

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Personality Types 

Cats, like humans, have unique traits. Each cat has a distinct personality that sets it apart from the others.

Some cats are highly reclusive and protective of their personal space; these are the cats who may not appreciate cuddling with their humans.

Some other cats are very loving, clinging, affectionate, and like human contact. When they invade your personal space – sitting on your face, lying on your lap, and even licking your face and eyelashes – they feel safe and protected.

Why Do Your Cat Licks Your Eyebrows

Due to cats’ propensity for grooming their preferred companions, they might lick your eyebrows. As a result, grooming is simply a sign of feline affection!

Suppose your cat has selected you as one of his preferred companions. In that case, you’ll notice your cat will most frequently groom your hair when you are lying down or asleep because he considers these appropriate times for affectionate grooming.

However, if he licks or grooms your hair when you’re busy and active instead, it’s more likely that he’s playing.

Territoriality is another reason cats groom their peers. Your cat attempts to remove other scents from your seeming fur so you can smell like him.

This is the particular care he lavishes on members of his “pack” or others he hopes will join his pack.

Be careful not to overdo it since this can create redness and discomfort due to your cat’s abrasive tongue.

Should You Be Concerned If Your Cat Licks Your Eye

A quick answer is no, not really. However, it is necessary to take appropriate measures.

Your cat’s sandpaper tongue has been on various surfaces, from your cheeks to a garden bug to the cat’s buttocks. The point is that parasites may thrive on your cat’s tongue. So, while having your face and eyelashes licked by your furry little companion, can be a lovely act of pure affection, it is also essential that you maintain proper personal hygiene and your cat’s oral health.

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Perhaps next time, after cuddling and snuggling with your cute furry pet, give yourself a minute-long facewash. This will help avoid any skin problems such as bothersome rashes and itching.


While seeing your cat playfully lick your eyes may appear charming and enjoyable, this activity should not be fostered; seeing it can cause discomfort, irritation, or inflammation on your skin.

Cat fever is a thing, and it can be caused by your cat’s saliva getting into your eye, though this is quite a rare occurrence. To minimize future issues, it is suggested that you stop your cat from licking your eyes.

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