Why Does My Cat Hit Me When I Walk By

Cats express their emotions in unique ways. When they are joyful, they hug you, but when they are angry, they swat you. Consequently, why does your cat him you whenever you pass by? It can be playfulness, redirected aggressiveness, or an attempt to grab your attention. If this turns out to be bad behavior, it’s critical to understand why so you can stop it in its tracks.

Cats are lively creatures who always strive to initiate playing with their owners. Nonetheless, some cats are more relaxed and nonchalant than others. However, if your cat appears to enjoy swatting at you when you walk by, the following could be the cause:

4 Main Reasons Why My Cat Hits Me When I Walk By

Redirected Aggression 

Redirected aggression is one of the most popular explanations for why your cat swats at you as you go by. It suggests that something else triggered your cat, but because you’re the closest person, the aggression was diverted to you. In short, the cat happened to direct its rage at you rather than the underlying trigger.

Redirected aggression in cats should be avoided because it can be harmful. Some attacks may result in blood loss or injury.

While your cat’s behavior may appear impolite, you should not chastise it. Identifying its trigger and restricting your cat’s exposure to it is essential. Socialization and desensitization will also increase your cat’s tolerance to varied stimuli.


On a lighter note, your cat may swat you as you walk by as a playful gesture. Simply put, your cat is pranking you by pouncing as you go by. They may be bored and want to play around with you for a few minutes of fun.

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Cat breeds that are playful and active frequently do this to their owners. These acts are entirely harmless, and your cat has no ill intent during these types of swipes or hits. You may notice the cat doing this to your children or even the dog before launching a chase.

If your cat engages in this pursuing behavior, they will rarely extend their claws or bite; they are simply having fun.

Getting your attention

Your cat might hit you as you walk by to get your attention. If you haven’t spent much time with your cat that day, the swiping or tail-lashing activity could be a simple reminder from your cat that they’re there for you whenever you need them.

Your cat may also be attempting to get your attention to inform you that it needs more food, a drink, or wants to go outside. Most of the time, the swat will be softer, particularly in comparison to redirected aggression and playfulness.

Being startled

Another possibility for why your cat swats as you walk by is a reflex reaction. You most likely surprised the cat, triggering its fight or flight response. This is common in frightened cats and those with a strong prey drive.

It is best to keep the household calm and quiet in this circumstance. Training your cat will also much assist in calming its anxiety.

The reason why your cat may slap you in the face

Every cat owner has a story about being smacked by their cat. This frequently happens when you try to kiss or cuddle an upset cat. Understand that your cat is probably not in the mood for kisses and cuddles. Most times, he just wants to be left alone.  

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Take note that pawing you to grab your attention and slapping is not the same thing. Extended claws and potential scrapes are common in the latter. Some cats will respond with a bite. Aside from that, some cats will slap their owners awake. The cat is most likely hungry and begs to be fed.

The reason why your cat may swipe at you when you pet him

It’s advisable to quit petting your cat if it swipes at you. Your cat is most likely overstimulated or simply not in the mood for any form of affection. Cats, like humans, aren’t always ready for cuddles or pettings. Your cat most likely enjoys some alone time away from you.

Take notice that overstimulated cats frequently exhibit signs of hostility. It will meow loudly and flash its teeth and claws. If your cat isn’t used to physical stimulation, this happens often. Raising your cat’s tolerance to this stimulus is critical to raising its limit for overstimulation.

The reason why your cat may put his paw on your mouth

If you’re chatting or singing, your cat is probably urging you to stop, which is a polite way of simply telling you to shut up. Cats enjoy touching moving objects, such as your lips, while speaking. It could be a case of curiosity and nothing to be concerned about. On the other hand, some cat owners believe that this behavior indicates that your cat trusts you.

If you’re sleeping, your cat will wake you up by placing its paw over your mouth. Your cat is most likely hungry or wants to play with you.

The reason why your cat may attack you as you walk away

Your cat’s approach to keeping you from going is to attack you as you walk away. You could be in the middle of a game, and your cat refuses to let you go. 

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Cats, on the other hand, are natural predators. They enjoy pouncing and hunting moving objects. Unfortunately, at home, your ankles are the most convenient target. This is a hard-wired tendency in many cats that you may not be able to eliminate.


In summary, your cat employs this hitting habit for various reasons, including redirecting hostility, initiating playfulness, or drawing your attention. You should have no problems as long as it is not frequent and your cat doesn’t display excessive hostility.

However, detecting personality changes and increased aggressive behavior in your cat could indicate something else, such as a concealed medical issue. Some hyperthyroid cats acquire aggressive tendencies. If you observe your cat acting unusually, take them to the vet for a checkup.

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