Why Does My Bed Vibrate Sometimes?

It’s annoying and frustrating to sleep in a bed that vibrates. The night hours are meant for rest, and when this is not achieved, it can cause frustration and affect your productivity later in the day. This leads many to ask, “why does my bed vibrate sometimes.” Here, I will show you why your bed vibrates sometimes and what to do about it.

If your bed is made from inferior materials, it may tend to go weaker, as such causes vibration in your bed. Also, your bed can vibrate due to damaged nuts, bolts, and loose frames. Other things that can cause your bed to vibrate include:

  • Damaged mattress springs
  • Uneven floor
  • Broken slats
  • Loose connecting joints.

As soon as you notice your bed vibrates, you should immediately look for what is causing it and proffer solutions because if you leave it, it may affect your rest.

Let’s look into some of the causes.

Uneven floor surface

When the floor of your bedroom is uneven, it causes the bed not to be balanced. The four legs of the bed cannot be well kept, which can cause the bed to be bumpy.

So when you change your style or turn on the bed, the bed vibrates, making it uncomfortable for you to freely sleep comfortably and in any style you want.

What to do about it: You should understand that you can’t smoothen the ground, so one of the best ways to handle this is by adding wooden pieces on the lower sides of the legs to be on the same level as the upper sides. You can also add rubber pads to the sides of the bed to balance each side.

Loose / faulty bed frame

Bed frames are commonly made of wood and steel. The steel frame is more durable but less beautiful than the wooden frame. The wooden frame, although very beautiful, can become loose when the wood is old or faulty.

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When the wood is old or faulty, it causes a misalignment in the bed structure, causing the frame to become wobbly when you sleep on it. This can cause constant shaking at night and can make sleep frustrating.

What to do about it: you have to check the wooden frame to ascertain the main issue behind it. If the wood is faulty, you must change it to a completely new one. If the wood is loose, you must tighten the screws up.

Low-quality / Cheap beds

Beds come in different quality and price ranges. We have cheap low, quality beds and expensive high, quality beds. Also, the wood used in making the bed comes in different types.

The different types of wood used in making beds include Pine, Walnut, Rosewood, Oak, Mahogany, Maple, and Teak. Amongst these, the Mahogany bed is the best in strength and durability; the only limitation here is that it is pretty expensive. Walnuts are also great wood and possess a lovely texture that gives your bed a warmer shade of brown color, and like mahogany, it is pretty expensive. The cheapest and most common types of wood used in making bed frames are maple and white oak. Although they are cheap, they aren’t durable, and getting a bed made of this wood won’t last long and is highly susceptible to shaking.

What to do about it: Go for high-quality beds, and if you must purchase a used bed, ensure it is still in good condition.

Old / damaged slats

The bed frames contain slats that help to support the bed underneath. These slats become old, and when they are old, they quickly break, become very loosened, and can’t give the necessary support to the bed. Once your slats are old and broken, your mattress can not suit well on the bed frame again without the bed making sounds and shaking.

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What to do about it: You can fix this problem by replacing the broken slats. You must return the frame entirely if there are more than three broken slats.

Faulty / damaged springs

Springs help to hold the bed in place, making it comfortable to lie on. Also, it plays a crucial role in making the mattress more durable.

The springs can get damaged for any reasons, such as:

  • When the spring is made of low-quality material
  • When your kids are constantly jumping on the bed
  • When you put excessive weight on them

When the springs get broken, it causes the bed to sag from the middle, making it to shape and less comforting when you sleep on it.

What to do about it: If the springs are completely damaged, you will have to replace them with a completely new one.

Loose / faulty headboards

Headboards are the structures on the head side of the mattresses that support the whole frame. In addition, it helps you to relax while reading a novel or working on your PC.

When you constantly move the bed frame, the headboard might become loosened. Also, it can be due to ill-fitting with the rest of the frame. So when it loosens, it vibrates when you change your style while sleeping.

What to do about it: You can tighten the bolts if it is a bit loosened. Also, you can add some rubber pads to fill in some of the loosened space.

Loosened connecting joints

The connecting joints are essential in connecting the different parts of the bed, ensuring they are tight and well placed.

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When the connecting joints loosen, they can cause the legs to become feeble, and you will begin to experience shaking and vibration anytime you sleep or sit on them.

What to do about it: If the connecting joints are damaged, you can fix this by adding wood putty on the damaged parts to give it a furnished look. Allow it to dry after application before installing new screws to secure the bed legs.


One of the most effective ways to stop your bed from vibrating is to go for a high-quality bed, and even though it is a high-quality bed, do not allow your children to jump and play on the bed constantly. A good bed frame and mattress are essential in ensuring a perfect night’s sleep which is very important to your health and overall wellbeing. 

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