Why Does My Beard Hurt?

You may try to reach out to your beard and notice it hurts badly, and you are like, “why does my beard hurt?”  There are many reasons why your beard may hurt. Sometimes it is mild. Sometimes, it can be severe, like very serious physical pains.

If you are in this shoe, please do not feel lonely, as beard pain is more common than you think. You can try out reaching your fellow bearded men to share your pains. However, there are three things I would love you to know about beard pain.

  • Constant washing and less washing of your beard might cause beard pain.
  • It is not unnatural for new beards to feel achy, tender, and tight.
  • Adverse skin reactions to cream, soaps, or shaving clippers or stickers can make your beards tender.

Here, I will be showing you several reasons why your beard hurts and what remedy you can apply.

5 Main Reasons Why Your Beards Hurt and Remedy 

  1. Growing Beard for the First Time
  2. Parched and Brittle Beard
  3. Usage of Less Quality/Cheap Beard Products
  4. Oil Residue Buildup
  5. Acne Around the Beard Area

Growing Beard for the First Time

The puberty stage is characterized by many human body appearances, including growing beards for guys. You tend to have annoying beard patches and tenderness at this stage, which might cause your beard to itch and hurt.

You should understand that it is normal to have a tender beard at his stage, and most times, the beards hurt more in the morning when you wake up. You don’t have to worry at this stage as it is just a phase that will go away, and your beard will grow older.

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If it hurts, you can visit the pharmacy or a beauty store for a mild soothing cream you can apply to relieve the pains.

Parched and Brittle Beard

A parched or brittle beard can hurt your beard, especially along the jawline. You should understand that over-washing your beard might cause your beard to dry. Just like the hair on your head, you shouldn’t wash your beard everything you bathe.


The rule of thumb states that you should wash your beard once or twice a week using a hydrating beard wash or a mild shampoo to ensure a healthy beard.

Usage of Less Quality / Cheap Beard Products

Buying less quality or cheap beard products is dangerous to your beards. These cheap products contain inferior ingredients that may irritate your skin and cause side effects. For instance, most cheap beard products contain artificial scents that irritate the skin when applied. If you notice that your beard feels tender, tight, or itchy after using a product, discontinue it immediately.


For a healthy beard, go for high-quality products containing natural oil and fragrance designed to suit sensitive skin. You should know that not all premium beard products might be compatible with your skin. At this point, I will advise you to visit a dermatologist to recommend the best product that suits your skin type.

Oil Residue Buildup

The same way that over-washing your beard is dangerous is the same way that under-washing your beard might cause a couple of problems. When you don’t wash your beard, as when due, the dead skin cells increase. When this is combined with the skin’s natural oil (in case you have oily skin) or applied oil (in the point where you always use oil on your beards without washing it), it creates the ideal atmosphere to breed bacteria that can cause skin inflammation. When this happens, your beard becomes itchy and tender and begins to hurt badly.

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Your beard doesn’t have to be dirty to allow for oil residue buildup. Not washing it as when due can cause it. Please don’t wait for your beards to be dirty before washing them. Wash it as when due.

Acne Around the Beard Area

When the beards pores are plugged with dead skins and oil, it can result in a painful pimple lurking in your beards, blackheads, or whiteheads,

The American Academy of Dermatology stated that acne could persist well into adulthood, as adults in their 30s, 40s, and 50s still suffer from acne.

When you see some painful pimples on your beards, you should see a beauty doctor or a dermatologist.


If you are at home, you can try an over-the-counter (OTC) acne treatment as a first-aid acne pain remedy. The Over-the-counter (OTC) treatment does not substitute for acne treatment. It is just first aid, so you still need to see a dermatologist.


One of the five listed reasons is responsible for why your beards hurt. So anytime you are attempted to ask, “why does my beard hurt.” Do examine yourself and check for any possible cause. Maintaining smooth and supple beards is the best way to prevent your beard from hurting. This can be achieved by using premium beard products and choosing a beard care routine that works for you.

Once you get it right, you will have a painless and cute beard. Also, you can try out styling your beards to get a different look sometimes.

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