Why Does Modern Warfare Keep Crashing PS4

Modern Warfare, one of the most popular video games on the PlayStation 4 platform, offers thrilling gameplay and immersive experiences. However, for some unfortunate players, the game can be plagued by frustrating crashes that disrupt their gaming sessions. In this blog post, we will explore the potential reasons behind Modern Warfare crashes on the PS4. By understanding these factors, players can gain valuable insights into troubleshooting methods and take proactive steps to resolve the issue.

Why Does Modern Warfare Keep Crashing PS4

I. Software Bugs and Glitches:

Software bugs and glitches are common culprits for game crashes across various platforms, including the PS4. Modern Warfare may have inherent coding issues or unexpected conflicts that lead to crashes during gameplay. Developers usually release patches and updates to address these bugs, so ensuring your game is up to date is essential.

II. Overheating Console:

Intense gaming sessions can put a strain on your PS4’s hardware, leading to overheating. When the console overheats, it may shut down or crash to protect itself from damage. Ensure proper ventilation, clean any dust build-up, and consider using cooling accessories or placing the console in a well-ventilated area to prevent overheating.

III. Insufficient Storage Space:

Limited storage space on your PS4’s hard drive can contribute to crashes, especially if Modern Warfare does not have enough room to store game data or save files. Regularly check your storage capacity and delete unnecessary files or games to free up space for Modern Warfare.

IV. Corrupted Game Files:

Corrupted game files can result from incomplete downloads, installation errors, or unexpected interruptions during updates. These corrupted files can lead to crashes during gameplay. Verify the integrity of your game files, and if necessary, delete and reinstall Modern Warfare to ensure all files are intact.

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V. Outdated System Software:

Operating your PS4 with outdated system software can introduce compatibility issues, potentially causing crashes in Modern Warfare. Regularly check for system updates and install them to keep your console’s software current and compatible with the game.

VI. Network Connectivity Issues:

A stable and reliable network connection is crucial for online multiplayer games like Modern Warfare. Network issues, such as high latency, packet loss, or inconsistent Wi-Fi signals, can result in crashes during online gameplay. Consider connecting your PS4 directly to the router using an Ethernet cable for a more stable connection.

VII. Hardware Malfunctions:

In rare cases, hardware malfunctions within the PS4 console itself can lead to crashes. Faulty components or issues with the internal storage can cause instability during gameplay. If crashes persist across multiple games and system updates, consider contacting PlayStation support or a professional technician to assess and repair any potential hardware problems.

VIII. Background Applications:

Running multiple applications or services simultaneously while playing Modern Warfare can strain your PS4’s resources, leading to crashes. Close any unnecessary background applications to free up system resources and ensure smoother gameplay.

IX. User Account Issues:

Occasionally, crashes can be associated with specific user accounts on the PS4. Create a new user account and test if the crashes persist. If the crashes stop, it may indicate an issue with the original user account, such as corrupted data or conflicting settings.

X. Overclocked Hardware:

Overclocking your PS4’s hardware components, such as the CPU or GPU, can provide performance boosts but may also lead to stability issues. If you have overclocked your console, revert the settings back to default and check if the crashes subside.

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XI. Game-Specific Issues:

Certain game-specific factors, such as specific maps, game modes, or in-game events, may trigger crashes in Modern Warfare. Monitor when and where crashes occur to identify any patterns and report these issues to the game’s developers for further investigation.

XII. User-Generated Content:

If you frequently encounter crashes when playing user-generated content, such as custom maps or mods, it is possible that some of these creations may be incompatible with the game or contain errors. Exercise caution when using user-generated content and ensure it is from trusted sources.


Experiencing crashes while playing Modern Warfare on the PS4 can be incredibly frustrating. However, by exploring the potential reasons behind these crashes and implementing appropriate troubleshooting steps, players can take proactive measures to resolve the issue.

It is crucial to keep the game updated, ensure proper console ventilation, maintain sufficient storage space, verify the integrity of game files, and address network connectivity issues. Additionally, staying vigilant about background applications, user account issues, and hardware malfunctions can contribute to a smoother gaming experience.







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