Why Does a Golfer Wear Two Pants?

One of the essential things to be considered in sport is clothing. Apart from making you appear sporty, it protects your skin and aids your flexibility. And this is no exemption for golfers.

Although golf is a low-activity sport, it can be strenuous, and you need appropriate clothing. However, why does a golfer wear two pants? It seems a little bit too much or extra.

In sports, there is something called Backup Clothing. This is why you see many athletic or sports guys with extra clothes in their backpacks. This also relates to golf. Wearing two pants to play golf is categorized under backup clothing. Your backup pants are on you, not lying in your backpack.

One of the major reasons why golfers wear two pants is because of the safety factor. Golf balls are hard and, when shoot and missed, can punch a hole in your pant. Wearing two pants only helps to subsidize the effect of the ball forced on your pants. And if in case the outer pants get torn by the ball, the inner pant is intact to protect your skin.

There are other reasons why a golfer wears two pants

7 Reasons Why a Golfer Wears Two Pants

The Fear Factor

The fear factor is one of the main reasons why most golfers carry an extra pair of pants. Most golfers have the fair that the golf ball may fall into the water when it misses. In this case, you can quickly get into the water to get the ball without the fear of being wet because you have to wear an extra pair.

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To Provide Extra Insulation Against Cold Weather

Wearing two pants helps you to gain extra insulation against the cold, which may affect your leg muscles. During the winter, when it is freezing outside, the golfer with extra pair will be comfortable and relaxed when playing. Also, the golfer with the extra pants has better protection in case it rains. He won’t get damp and cold.

To Provide Extra Protection Against Sun

One of the reasons why a golfer wears two pants is to get an extra layer of protection. The extra pant serves as a sunscreen to protect their legs against the harmful rays of the sun and other harsh atmospheric elements.

The fact here is that a golfer who wears extra pants tends to have a higher advantage over their peers because he will neither get too cold nor hot.

When One Pair of the Pant Isn’t Fitting

This seems funny, but it does happen. A golfer may find out his pant is slightly oversized and may decide to wear extra pant beneath to fill up the pant. Also, when the pants are too tight, the golfer can choose to wear a fitting one on it. I will say this is a valid reason.

Also, a golfer may decide to wear two pants if he must practice before going on the field to play. He freely plays with the extra outer pants without fear of getting dirty. After which, he removes it and wears the other one for its competition.

The Just in Case Trait

I’m not saying this is a valid reason golfers wear two pants. However, some individuals like to keep extra stuff handy in case something happens.

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This is peculiar to the aged people, like our parents and uncles. At this stage of their lives, they tend to get overly sensitive, careful, and conscious of everything they do. And golf is mainly played by the aged ones. So you shouldn’t be surprised to see any of them wearing an extra pair of pants.

He Wants to Remain Clean Throughout the Day

You may want to remain clean and organized even during an intense game. One of the ways to achieve this is by wearing an extra pair of pants. Generally, extra clothing helps a golfer look organized after a serious match. Not everybody wants to be seen dirty or sweaty after playing.

For Safety Reasons

While growing up, there is this joke older adults say when they say a golfer, ‘the golfer is wearing two pants in case he gets a hole.”

In the real sense, this isn’t a joke. A golf ball can make a hole in your pants. So wearing two pants gives you an additional layer of security you need. Your extra pants might be affected, but your pants are intact to protect your body.

Is Wearing Two Pants Okay?

As a golfer, wearing two pants isn’t a bad idea, as long as they match each other. Always look at the Matchable Factor before choosing the pants you want to wear.

Your extra pants and socks should match your outfit and overall look. One thing you should make sure of is that your extra pants and socks shouldn’t make you look dull. People shouldn’t trek at first glance that you are wearing extra clothing. Let your extra pants make you look sport-friendly.

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Furthermore, you can go for different pants, as they complement each other. For example, jeans and joggers can go well. But something like jeans and leggings won’t look good at all. Go for what fits and makes you appear good.


Wearing two pairs of pants for golf has more advantages. Avoid being that golfer that keeps wishing he brings extra pants along. Always carry extra pants. If you don’t want to wear it, you can keep it in a backpack and bring it along. Comfort and flexibility are essential to the game of golf, and ensure your clothing helps you to achieve this.

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